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IoT Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry – Biz4Intellia  Biz4Intellia, one of the most powerful IoT Platform for Oil & Gas Industry. Get the top notch Industrial IoT Solutions, Gas Rig Monitoring, Wellhead Monitoring and other Solution for Oil & Gas Industry today.

WHAT ARE ADVANTAGES OF BUILDING MOBILE APPLICATION IN XAMARIN?  Xamarin is an API which is used for Android, iOS, and Window application development. It helps developers in writing programming code for multiple frameworks so that all can be brought to one space.

WHAT ARE THE TOP IOS APP DEVELOPMENT TOOLS FOR 2018?  Having lots of app development tools is really awesome to produce a different type of iOS app development services but it is too challenging when you need to choose one.

Biz4Intellia An End to End IOT Solution  Biz4Intellia is a breakthrough cloud-based Mobile & IoT software platform (PaaS) that enables an end-to-end ecosystem of connected devices/sensors to help customers to develop innovative solutions quickly and in a very cost-effective manner.

COST AND FEATURES OF OPENCART E-COMMERCE DEVELOPMENT  In the rising popularity of online shopping world, online shoppers are looking for the robust e-Commerce platforms for their online stores. They want multi-store functionality with complete simplicity and flexibility and also a large...

HOW MUCH DOES VR APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT COST, ITS FEATURES  VR application development is comparatively more costly rather than other phone application development. API integrations and app customization need more resources and time. The cost of VR application development including high quality and exclusive...